August 2008

You’re an amazing friend, and I love you. Not only have you flat out refused to get angry with me as I’ve retreated to Forks this past month (immediately after two weeks of being apart while I travelled), but you’ve been incredibly supportive of my own writing. I’m so excited about how my novel is shaping up, and you’ve been there to share your thoughts and help me flesh out my vampires, and werewolves, and witches. Oh my! Yep, I’m that tired. Anyway, thanks for the advice and the constructive criticism, and most of all, for being excited for me.

It seems that my best days are when I post something about Twilight. On 22Aug when I posted about Robert Pattinson playing Edward Cullen I got 33 views, my all time high so far. On 25Aug when I posted Twilight Radio I got 30 views. I haven’t posted in a couple days and only got 4 views today. So I guess I’ll try out my new Twilight page now. I have an idea I’ve been kicking around.

Remember that nasty break-up that made it impossible to listen to the radio because every song seemed to be about you and how your life used to be great, or about you and how much life sucks right now? I’m experiencing a very strange version of that. I’ll be listening to the radio, and suddenly I’m thinking about Twilight, it’s characters, and their situations. I’ve never experienced anything like that with a book and I’ve already discussed now wrapped up and obessed I can get. Not an unpleasant experience, just weird. I wonder if it’s because Twilight happens more in the here and now than the other stuff I’ve read. Harry Potter and Interview with the Vampire happen in our world, but are far more removed from the life of the average reader than Twilight. Who knows, maybe Stephenie Meyer really just has her finger on the pulse. Maybe I’m just really crazy…

Here are a few. I suppose in a way, there could be Spoilers here.

Bella to Edward

Bella’s Dark Ages

More from Bella’s Dark Ages

Edward to Bella

Alice and Jasper

I’m surprised what I read online about Robert Pattinson not being immediately and universally loved as the pick to play Edward. I think he’s perfect. Mind you I’d seen a teaser months before I knew about Twilight (which I somehow forgot!) and this may have colored my vision of Edward when I finally started reading, but I doubt it. The reason I think he’s perfect goes back to my experience at the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, in which Rob played Cedric Diggory, everyone’s favorite Hufflepuff. The first time we see Ced, he’s drops down into the shot from a tree. There was an audible gasp and sigh from the audience, myself and my girlfriend Joelle included. He was that beautiful. As an unassuming Hufflepuff wizard, Rob managed to dazzle an entire audience. Imagine what he’ll do to us as Edward Cullen.

Here’s Rob on playing Edward:

Yeah, I know, it got an F…from everyone. I liked it. It’s fun. It’s something new in the Star Wars galaxy. I appreciate that.

I think I have a nearly unique perspective when it comes to George Lucas though. First and foremost he’s an Indie film maker. Yes, Star Wars is one of the most, if not the most marketed movie franchises ever, but this is what amuses me most and makes me root for George. As the story goes, he traded away his director’s fee for A New Hope, to get it made. In return he was given something like 99% of the licensing. I’m too lazy to look that number up right now. I think it was 99%. So 99% of everything with the Star Wars logo on it (movies, books, comics, toys, lunch boxes, role-playing games, board games, card games, video games, clothing, CDs, DVDs/videos, Christmas ornaments, etc.) goes directly into George’s pocket.

I think it’s beautiful that the money goes to the creator. That’s as it should be. People say he’s a sell out, but I ask you this, “Wouldn’t you, if you could?” I mean, really? Picture it. It’s your galaxy. You get final say in everything. People are clamoring just to be a part of it, to write something, to design something, to put their own fingerprints on your greatness. You can make a buck or two, if you let them, and you get to pick and choose how they can make you even greater; there are that many options. Seriously, you’d refuse? I’d set my great-great-great-great grand nieces and nephews up for life, personally. If I created a wonderful galaxy, and everyone wanted me to move in and make it better, I’d be more than happy to oblige. I worked hard to create that galaxy, after all. It would be hard to let it go, and I’d just be happy that everyone was so pleased with it.

That being said, Star Wars is an amazing galaxy, and we, as fans, begged him to keep it alive for us. We wrote books, that fleshed it out. We developed his characters several decades past what George ever intended. We created new characters and new worlds. We theorized for decades about the backstory. And when we finally found out, in Episodes I-III, we complained? This is wrong. Think about it. He could have left this galaxy behind in 1983. Instead he allowed others to step in and leave their mark. All he asked was that we leave the movie making to him really. His prerogative. Is it really that great of a surprise that professional writers wrote “better” stories than a director who happened to have a great idea? Look at Lord of the Rings. Many have said JRR Tolkien is a linguist who had a great story to tell; he’s just not a writer. I look at George in much the same way. His first three SW movies were magic, but why was that? It was the time. He did so much to push sci-fi along, both with effects and story line. His characters were real, and lovable. They pulled us in to this lived-in looking galaxy, and made us feel at home and like we were a part of something special. Because of what he did back then we expect so much more now. He raised the bar, and many since have answered the challenge. How do you, 20+ years later, create something new and cutting edge that has the same flavor? That’s a nearly impossible task. I for one am glad he tried.

As I’ve been saying for years, if George Lucas unexpectedly showed up at my house for dinner, I’m not going to complain that he brought a cabernet instead of a merlot. I’m going to accept the gift. And I don’t even like wine!

I’m fleshing out my world. My question to you is:

You just found out your very best friend is a vampire. What do you want to know?

Ask as many questions as you like. It’ll help me with the details. The answers will be in the book, or not, depending on how the story goes.

Heck, your other two best friends turn out to be a werewolf and a witch. What would you ask them?



It has begun. Marti has been waiting for loaner copies of the Twilight Saga from Jo after I told her she must read them. Crystal finally couldn’t take it anymore. She bought Twilight Friday after visting four stores, three of which were sold out. At 1130p on Saturday night this party girl texted me that she loved Edward, that it was all over for her and Kevin, and that we are moving to Forks to find the Cullen house, which she is prepared to purchase. The next day I texted her to ask what part she was on, and to remind her to eat. (Did I mention I lost 10lbs on the Twilight Diet?) Now Danny may be joining us. Garrett and Patrick seem reluctantly curious about my “Vampire Porn,” too. So, it ocurrs to me, when I bought Twilight there were piles and piles of books. Now Crystal says everyone is sold out. Word is spreading. This will be fun to watch. Thank you, Stephenie Meyer!

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