It has begun. Marti has been waiting for loaner copies of the Twilight Saga from Jo after I told her she must read them. Crystal finally couldn’t take it anymore. She bought Twilight Friday after visting four stores, three of which were sold out. At 1130p on Saturday night this party girl texted me that she loved Edward, that it was all over for her and Kevin, and that we are moving to Forks to find the Cullen house, which she is prepared to purchase. The next day I texted her to ask what part she was on, and to remind her to eat. (Did I mention I lost 10lbs on the Twilight Diet?) Now Danny may be joining us. Garrett and Patrick seem reluctantly curious about my “Vampire Porn,” too. So, it ocurrs to me, when I bought Twilight there were piles and piles of books. Now Crystal says everyone is sold out. Word is spreading. This will be fun to watch. Thank you, Stephenie Meyer!