I’m surprised what I read online about Robert Pattinson not being immediately and universally loved as the pick to play Edward. I think he’s perfect. Mind you I’d seen a teaser months before I knew about Twilight (which I somehow forgot!) and this may have colored my vision of Edward when I finally started reading, but I doubt it. The reason I think he’s perfect goes back to my experience at the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, in which Rob played Cedric Diggory, everyone’s favorite Hufflepuff. The first time we see Ced, he’s drops down into the shot from a tree. There was an audible gasp and sigh from the audience, myself and my girlfriend Joelle included. He was that beautiful. As an unassuming Hufflepuff wizard, Rob managed to dazzle an entire audience. Imagine what he’ll do to us as Edward Cullen.

Here’s Rob on playing Edward: