September 2008

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Might be hormones. I’m not sure.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about my upcoming trip home. I get two whole weeks off, and I’m spending it all with my family. What excites me the most, besides Thanksgiving (ok well maybe more than Thanksgiving) is getting a huge group of family together to see the midnight show of Twilight. Thanks to Harry Potter moving to next year, I get to see Twilight with fellow Twilighter, cousin, and official birthday girl of Twilight, Anna (and I hope KQ, too!). AND I get to take my soon to be 13-year-old niece! I hope she really does have the next day off, or I’ll be crushed. As much as I want her to go with me, I don’t want to contribute to her delinquency.

Happy Birthday to my first movie crush, and the actor who played such roles as Luke Skywalker, The Joker (voice), Tony Hart, etc.–Mark Hamill.

I saw a sneak preview of Eagle Eye last night (thank you TxtMovieClub!, and found it highly enjoyable except for the ladies next to us who felt the need to do a running commentary through the whole thing. Anyway, if you’re a fan of the action genre I see no reason why you wouldn’t love Eagle Eye. I think it was even maybe a little smarter then the usual action flick. Other than that, the actors all did a great job, the effects were good, and I really liked what they did with the Big Brother Is Watching theme. Go see it when it comes out!

This is my anagram, as my dear friend Drew informed me today. Google ANAGRAM to find any of the bazillion anagram generators out there. Just start plugging in your name until you find one you like. I think Reach Hastily shall be my new Porn Name.

As I’ve run out of new material to read, I ventured out of Stephenie Meyer’s world for the moment, and picked up The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. This is apparently his first book. Well done, sir, well done indeed. The book is the product of 7 years of research, and it shows. It’s detailed, intelligent, and well-written. I have been dying to recommend this book to somebody, anybody, but I’m at a loss as to whom to make the recommendation. I don’t think it’s for everyone, but then again it shouldn’t be for me either, so maybe I’m wrong on that score. So, I’m recommending it to everyone who might come across my blog, in hopes that it might appeal.

There have been a few books that I have been unable to finish because I could not stand the main character, even if the whole point was to dislike the person (Catcher in the Rye–just couldn’t do it). If the book is first person it’s even worse, because then you’re inside the jerk’s head. This is just such a book, yet I couldn’t look away. I was fascinated by this horrible little man.

It starts with a car accident caused by the narrator who is driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The accident is terrible, as are the burns he is left with, but he survives. You find out very quickly that though this man was very beautiful on the outside he was an ugly wretch on the inside. Now he’s ugly in every regard, and he’s very crabby about it, making him that much uglier. In the beginning, every page brought some new visceral reaction, which usually resulted in my exclaiming something like, “Oh my god! Now he’s _______?!?” and reading an exerpt to Old Man Bobby. I’d dive back in and cringe as the narrator described his burn treatments in detail, trying to read out of the corner of my eye or through my fingers as if I were trying to watch a horror movie without really seeing it.

When Marianne Engel shows up at his bedside in the burn ward and claims they knew each other in a past life the story reveals itself as a love story that spans centuries. Marianne is also a piece of work. When you first meet her she is a psych ward patient in the same hospital as the narrator’s burn ward. Starved for any sort of affection and fascinated by the crazy lady, the narrator fights to be allowed this strange visitor. From there the story unfolds in most unusual ways. I have not yet finished reading, but already I am looking forward to more books my Mr. Davidson. I hope you will read The Gargoyle so that the author will have the opportunity to publish more of his work.

While trying to find links for this post I came across Burned By Love. I haven’t fully explored it, but I did watch the video below which I found really interesting.


Oh my.

Oh my.

Thanks to His Golden Eyes, where you can find the other posters.
Edit 21Sep: Now that I have more time, here’s Bella too. There’s a James poster as well but I thought it best not to get these three together. I think these posters are far better than the US ones.

I’m so depressed that I have to work tomorrow. I’ve had a week off, and for once was not travelling. How relaxing. It felt like I was living my real life 24/7. Mind you, I don’t have a career or a calling; I have a job. I sell 40+ hours of my time each week so I can “eat and sleep indoors,” as my mother says. Having a job is exhausting. It’s work. I’m definitely not living by the “Find something that you love to do and never work a day in your life” motto. Why is this? I’ve wondered that since I joined the workforce. This is supposed to be my main responsibility in life. Gotta work. Gotta pay bills. Why does it seem like such a huge waste of time, then? I can only assume it’s because it’s not my calling. Entertainment in some form is clearly my calling. I love movies. I love books. I love books that get made into movies. I’ve even loved some movies that got made into books. So my week off taught me that I really need to get writing, you know, so that I can live in the manner to which I’ve become accustomed. But for now I must go to bed. Work in the morning. Heavy sigh.

That would be the One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song.

Oh, and not that it’s amusing to me, because we did the math and your being 65 today means I’ll be 38 in December, but Happy Birthday, Mom!

Check your local listings for Wednesday’s Ellen Degeneres.

Wednesday, September 17




Every teenager in the country is reading STEPHENIE MEYER’S “Twilight” series of books (and will soon be watching the movies!). I am thrilled to announce that Stephenie is giving me a rare TV interview on Wednesday! Her latest book in the series, “Breaking Dawn,” is about a teenage girl who is torn between her love for a caring vampire and a sweet-natured werewolf. (Why are the good ones always taken?!) Stephenie was also writing a new book from Edward the Vampire’s point of view, but certain chapters got leaked online, and now she might not even release it! (I’m gonna try my best to talk her into it, or at least have her give me the scoop on what happens!) Then, throughout the ’80s and ’90s, movie producers refused to make a romantic comedy unless a certain blonde superstar agreed to appear, however, if I was ever unavailable, they would always offer the role to my guest, MEG RYAN! Meg took a few years off to spend time with her family and adopt a beautiful little girl, but she’s back and starring in the new film “The Women.” I’m gonna play a game with her called “Peg Meg” — which I’m certain will become the newest craze in the country. Plus, don’t miss a performance by NE-YO who will be doing one of my favorite songs of the summer, “Closer,” from his latest CD, “Year of the Gentleman.”

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