So, I finished all the Twilight books (twice), and am mourning their passing. It’s always like that for me when I get really into something. When it’s over I get a little bummed. I guess you understand if you ever experience the, “Ok, so I’ve opened all my Christmas presents, now what?” feeling. I decided staying in the Stephenie Meyer realm would make me feel better, so I’m reading The Host. It’s not something that would normally grab my attention, but’s it’s Stephenie Meyer, and I have to say I’m curious about her “adult” book. So far so good.

It was described to me as a body snatchers sort of story, and that’s certainly true. These body snatchers remind me of the Trill in Star Trek if they were to decide to invade a planet. They aren’t just some vague threat like in the old Body Snatchers movies either. You’re reading from one of the body snatcher’s point of view. You’re reading about one “soul’s” struggle with its new host on a new world (Earth, is new to her). And, of course there is a love story. It’s very interesting and I just got to an exciting part, so I just want to go home and read my book. That’s high praise from me.