I’ll post more about this later.

Which Twilight vampire are you?

Your Result: Edward

You are caring, protective of what you love, flexible within reason, sensitive to other's thoughts, passionate, concerned about other's feelings, good looking, fast, careful of others.

Which Twilight vampire are you?
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Edit: 17Oct08
Ok so my coven and I have been taking this survey here in the office. We don’t trust it. The other survey said I was a Bella, and I agree. It makes sense that I would be Edward, if I had chosen male for the survey, which I did not. I’m a little surprised that you can choose female and end up being male. What was the point of asking? What I like about this survey is that it ranks the others for you. Ok, I can agree with Jasper being next, but again, what’s with the male thing when I said I am female? Then next is Rosalie, leading me to ask, Where The Heck Is Bella? I’m surprised I scored higher for Rosalie than Esme or Alice. I assume that even those the bars are the same length I am just a little higher in the Rosalie area because it’s listed first. Maybe I’m wrong here. Again, Rosalie doesn’t suck, so I’m not offended, just surprised.

That is all.