Here’s one to start. I’ll post more here later, probably.

Who From the Twilight Series are You?

You’re casual at times, but love to be in relationships and are very good at making friends. You try to be nice and gracious all the time. Also, if hurt you may shut yourself out to the world until something brings you back. Watch your back because someone may try to control you because they think you’re easy. Outside, you may seem that way, but inside you’re a fighter.

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Edit: 19Oct08

This quiz and the one above are strange. Usually when I take such quizzes I can tell what answers are supposed to leave to what outcome. The questions to these two quizzes seemed pretty random for the most part, especially this new one, which at one point just ask to to pick a number. With the exception of the one quiz I ended up as Edward, even though I specified I was female, I’ve been Bella every time, so I suppose this is just as good of a quiz as any. It’s fun to read the varied descriptions of the same character.

Which Twilight character are YOU?

Your Result: Bella Swan

I may not like Bella's pure luck for finding Edward, but i still have to admire her for her bravery, sarcasm, and,well, complete clumsiness. With her obviously adorable looks ( guys cant take their eyes off her on the first day ) she seems to win over Edward completely.. sigh

Alice Cullen
Edward Cullen
Carlisle Cullen
Rosalie Hale
Jasper Hale
Emmett Cullen
Jacob Black
Which Twilight character are YOU?
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Once again I should be in bed. I took another quiz instead. This one’s pretty cool. There’s a cool little graph when you finish the quiz, but I couldn’t seem to post it here.

You have just accomplished the test ‘Which character are you from Twilight?’ on with the following results:

For 40 % you are: You\’re Bella Swan, the quiet, nice, clumsy girl who has the ability to love very, very deeply! You get Edward, right on!
43.27 % of 46377 Quiz participants had this profile!

You could also get this result:
For 33 % you are: You dreamy person! Lucky you, you\’re Edward Cullen! you try to keep to yourself, but your friends mean the world to you! Good job!

Or even this one:
For 27 % you are: You\’re Carlisle Cullen, the most compassionate Cullen in the whole family! You love helping people, especially your family, even if the problems are physical or emotional!

Or even this one:
For 0 % you are: You\’re Jacob Black, the great to be around no matter what mood your in kind of person! You love cars, and most of all, you love cheering people up! Go you!

Or even this one:
For 0 % you are: You\’re Alice Cullen, you love shopping, your friends, and most of all, looking on the bright side of things! Congrats!