So, the random thought generator that sits next to me at work, whom I shall call Random, likes to read my blog over my shoulder when I sneak on from my desk. To my embarrassment he caught the If I Admit I’m A Cougar post. I turned red. We laughed. We agreed it was a clever turn of phrase on my part, or I agreed and he placated, I’m not sure. Anyway, from there the conversation went as conversations with Random do:

Me: You see, Edward’s favorite food is mountain lions.

Random: Mountain lions. Hmm, so PETA definitely would not approve of Edward Cullen then.

Me: Definitely not, though by his standards he is a vegetarian.

Random: Hey, do you think Edward could tell that Soylent Green is people?

Me: (LOL) Why yes, I imagine he could.


So, while I’m on the subject of Random, who is a big fan of peanut butter cups, and also on the subject of the morality associated with diet I thought I’d take the time to show you a t-shirt I once saw that cracked me up. Unfortunately I’m not able to upload an image at the moment so follow the link, please.