So the other day Crystal asked me if I’d heard of this 2012 movie. I said that I had and shuddered. She asked if it was scary. I said that it would be to me. She didn’t know about the Mayan Long Count, so I told her it’s the most accurate calendar ever created and that it ends on December 21, 2012. It’s not the only thing prophesying the end of the world on that particular date either, by the way, so yeah it freaks me out a little.

Later in the day for no apparent reason:

Random: OOH! I wonder what day of the week December 21, 2012 falls on.

Me: Is that your 10- or 20-year planner? (We recently received one of each from vendors visiting the office)

Random: 20.

Me: Nice.

Random: Friday. The world will end on a Friday.

Me: Is it a payday?

Random: OOH! (rustling pages, furious counting)

Me: Are you circling all the paydays between now and the end of the world?

Random: I’m trying to do it without circling. If I lose my place I’m doomed.

Me: Oh.

Random: No. It’s not a payday.

Me: Too bad.

Random: Doesn’t matter. Everyone knows the world will end on Thursday.