Star Wars fans tried something like this with The Phantom Menace. The Twilight Moms’ idea has spread to other sites in an attempt to break records. It didn’t work with Star Wars. It would be nice to see it work once.


TwilightMOMS Night at the movies
In honor of the original release date of Twilight, we are launching TwilightMOMS Night at the Movie on 12.12.08. Let’s all go see Twilight on December 12th as a way of saying Thank You to Summit, the cast and crew! We are not planning any big parties this time around- just go and enjoy the show. Go with a your hubby, your family, your friends, your fellow TwilightMOMS- it doesn’t matter who you go with, JUST GO! To find other TwilightMOMS in your area that want to see Twilight one more time check out our get together forums.