If you read my Twilighters Reunite post, you know that there was a push to break records on the original opening day of Twilight. I can report that Friday, December 12, 2008, Twilight had a good turn out at the Harkins in Tempe Marketplace. I’ve seen the movie five times now. There were more people at this showing than any other showing I’ve been to, including the midnight show. The theater was packed. It was good to see, even if a lot of them did laugh just a little too hard…at everything. Anyway, well done, Twilighters. BoxOffice.com reports $8M so far this weekend for Twilight, putting it in 3rd place behind The Day The Earth Stood Still ($31M) and Four Christmases ($10.2M).

My friend Erika was there with me and she noticed something that neither of us noticed before. Victoria was at Prom. I mean I know we see her at the end, but she was in the shot when Edward and Bella first walked inside, to where the dance was. You can see her two or three times milling around with the other students, just feet from Edward and Bella. We all know that Edward can read everyone’s thoughts except Bella’s so, why isn’t Edward, who is prone to over-reacting, freaking out? And why isn’t the student body mouring the loss of a fellow student? Where else would Victoria have gotten that Prom dress and the jewelry? She was wearing Waylon’s shirt earlier in the movie, so this seems to be her MO.