Pleased to meat you! I mean MEET you!

I wish I could post the video. I’ll work on it, but for now here’s the link. There are possible spoilers if you haven’t read New Moon and have been living under a rock.

Thanks, Access Hollywood, for this video, but we apparently disagree on the whole 6-pack/8-pack thing. Maybe I hallucinated.

Edit 12Jan09

Defamer adds:

‘Access Hollywood’ Eager To Perv All Over Teenage ‘Twilight’ Star

Meet 16-year-old Taylor Lautner! The Twilight star almost lost his role in the sequel unless he could massively bulk up. Now, the media wants to slobber over those results. Did we mention he’s 16?

Being a child actor is a terrible thing for almost anyone, but we especially feel for Lautner, who Summit very publicly flirted with firing for the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon. Lautner’s Jacob Black is supposed to become an incredibly tall, muscular fellow in between installments, and speculation had it that the teenager might be recast with an actor more physically appropriate. However, Lautner immediately began a workout plan that would put this Dr. Phil teen bodybuilder to shame, and now the media must see his bare flesh for approbation! “You’re ripped,” coos the Access Hollywood interviewer in the video below as Lautner flexes and shows off his abs. “How many inches around is that?” Do not watch this video unless you want to find yourself on several government watch lists and Dateline specials. Can somebody get this poor teenager a McNugget?