I have mixed feelings about photo radar. I’ve seen the wonders it did on the 101. My adrenal glands are not so over-taxed as they used to be when I have to take that route to get somewhere. The speed limit is fairly constant though, and the cameras are at regular intervals. The 17 is another issue entirely. It’s ridiculous having cameras every so often with the speed limit going up and down like it does. It’s more dangerous now than it was before the cameras as people slam on their breaks just before the camera when they know where the cameras are. When there are photo radar vans on the freeway it’s even worse. People really slam on their breaks then. It’s a freeway; the traffic must flow! Either the cameras need to go or they need to be placed at regular intervals so people maintain their speed.

This is very controversial here in the Valley of the Sun. I don’t know what will happen. What I do know is that Edward Cullen will never come here if he has to drive slowly because he can’t sense that a camera is about to take his picture. That is reason enough to get rid of the cameras.