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Dear Luke,

I must confess that I feel somewhat responsible for your career at this point. I posted about you a while back when you first appeared on Brothers & Sisters, and then again when your character made another appearance. Since then it seems that people are burning up the internet looking for you and they are finding my blog. It also seems that they are connecting you to Robert Pattinson. If I am in any way responsible for this and it is a discomfort to you, then I apologize. Of course, if I am in any way responsible and you a loving it, then you’re welcome. You seemed a little uncomfortable about it in this AccessHollywood interview though, so I’ll try not to mention it again. Of course if I keep getting hits like you see below, I don’t know if I’ll be able to avoid it. Please don’t worry. With the performances you are giving on Brothers & Sisters you will be paving your own way, not making it based on looking like Rob. You are definitely the most interesting thing happening on my humble blog these days.


PS I really have no idea why ‘Bella Swan Porn’ brought anyone to my site. Honest.


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