Your Blog Is Fabulous Award!

Thank you, ’86 Rabbit, for giving me this award! It is really nice to be appreciated. Like you, I have never received an award for blogging either. It’s really exciting, so I’ll happily pay it forward.

Once you win this award, you have to list five of your addictions and then pass it along to five of your favorite blogs.

My Addictions:

  • Twilight
  • Pizza
  • My blog’s stats
  • Boardgames
  • My novel

My Favorite Sites:

  • Ethereal World, Ethereal Girl
  • Annamitchell
  • Haleygirl
  • Clans, Crafts and Whimsy
  • The Fat Lady Skinny
  • (Honorable Mention to Ben Garvey. If I could post on your site I’d have given you an award.)