March 2009

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone. And Happy Birthday to baby Haley, who joined us this morning. I love you already, kiddo, and can’t wait to meet you. Jes and Adam, congratulations!

St Patricks Day Glitter Graphics

Dear Luke,

You have been very good for my blog. Lately my blog has been averaging about 60 or so a day. Yesterday when I posted about you, I got 182 hits. Most of them were thanks to you as you can see from the search stats I listed below. Congratulations to us both. May we continue in our success together.


Here are those stats:


Search Views
luke grimes 37 More stats
luke grimes robert pattinson 8 More stats
luke grimes looks like robert pattinson 4 More stats
luke grimes and robert pattison 4 More stats
luke grimes looks like rob pattinson 3 More stats
robert pattinson 3 More stats
luke grimes and robert pattinson 3 More stats
robert pattison + luke grimes 3 More stats
luke grimes should become part of the cu 3 More stats
luke grimes in harry potter 3 More stats


Luke Grimes (top) thanks to Robert Pattinson (bottom) thanks to Google Images.


This posting was inspired by a trend I’m seeing in my search stats.

Search Views
luke grimes 14 More stats
robert pattison + luke grimes 3 More stats
luke grimes robert pattinson 1 More stats
robert pattinson and luke grimes 1 More stats
luke grimes and robert pattinson 1 More stats
robert pattinson 1 More stats
luke grimes looks like twilight actor 1 More stats
luke grimes resemblance to rob pattinson 1 More stats
luke grimes twilight 1 More stats
are luke grimes and robert pattinson rel 1 More stats


Search Views
luke grimes 8 More stats
robert pattinson 2 More stats
rob pattinson oscars 2 More stats
pattinson was enjoying a late-night snac 1 More stats
was luke grimes auditioned to be edward 1 More stats
new moon 1 More stats
sketching in stereo fans 1 More stats
twilight lolcat 1 More stats
casting calls 85044 1 More stats
taylor lautner 1 More stats

Obviously inquiring minds want to know, so here’s the scoop.

A while back I wrote that I thought Luke Grimes looked like Robert Pattinson and wondered if that’s why he was cast on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought he looked like Edward. According to an AccessHollywood article Luke Grimes did audition for the part of Edward Cullen and was called back before the part ultimately went to Rob.

Since that original post on Luke, his character did return to Brothers & Sisters and promises to be a great addition to the cast.

GQ Cover

GQ Cover


I might have to start getting GQ, you know, for the articles. Staff Writer Alex Pappademas is highly amusing. I like his style, and often found myself wishing, “I wish I’d written that,” and not just because that would have meant I interviewed Rob Pattinson. This was my favorite part of the interview:

A few days later, the pictures show up on the Internet. It is breathlessly reported that Pattinson was enjoying a late-night snack (it was actually about six o’clock) with a “mystery male” (us) on Thursday (it was Wednesday). We’re in a few of the pictures with him. Pattinson looks goofy, possibly stoned, but still handsome, whereas we look sweaty, guilty, and possibly inbred.

Dear Nathan,

I suppose I could message you through MySpace (we’re old friends), but I’m sure you are slammed with comments and messages there after Monday’s Castle. I’m sure you’re looking for something more comfortable and intimate, like my blog, perhaps? I’ll cut to the chase. I loved Castle. I found the dialogue wonderful and witty and the story very amusing. You and Stana Katic have a chemistry that promises both hilarity and, well, sexual tension, to put it bluntly. I look forward to many more Mondays with you on my couch. I hope you like pepperoni pizza.


Dear Nathan,

I didn’t get your regrets in response to my invitation, so I’ll see you on my couch at 9p my time.


As you know, I’m a Sketching in Stereo fan. I thought I’d let you know about their upcoming dates.

March 8, yes today technically, they will be playing at Hot Topic at Tempe Marketplace. I think I may be there. They have some upcoming dates in CA, too. Maybe you can go check out my friends.

Mar 8 2009 1:30P
Hot Topic at Tempe Marketplace (Acoustic Show) Tempe, Arizona
Mar 13 2009 6:00P
Show Low Teen Center (ALL AGES) Show Low, Arizona
Mar 18 2009 10:00P
The Rockit Room San Francisco, California
Mar 19 2009 10:00P
River Rock Lounge Sacramento, California
Mar 20 2009 10:00P
The Lucky 13 Fresno, California
Mar 21 2009 10:00P
The Slidebar Fullerton, California
Mar 22 2009 5:30P
The Apple Store (Acoustic Show!) Santa Monica, California
Mar 26 2009 9:00P
Martini Ranch Scottsdale, Arizona
Apr 3 2009 9:00P
Plush Tucson, Arizona
Apr 10 2009 10:30P
Brunswick Hotel Kingman, Arizona
Apr 17 2009 7:00P
Desert Ridge Marketplace (FREE & ALL AGES) Phoenix, Arizona
Apr 25 2009 12:00P
Band Together Benefit Prescott Valley, Arizona


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