So earlier this week, my ceiling sprang a leak when the apartment upstairs had an unfortunate incident with a water heater. Today my brand new cell phone (my only phone) went for a swim. Water is definitely a problem for me this week, so I think it might be a good idea for me to start building an ark.

I really have to tell you these stories. They’re epic and you can read them after the jump.

First, I’ll tell you about the ceiling. I called the apartment complex and reported the leak. Normally, water coming from the ceiling is the maintenance version of calling 911 to report an officer down. Imagine calling 911 and the lady doesn’t seem to understand why that is an emergency. She said they’d have someone out first thing in the morning. I told her the ceiling may fall in by then. Her attitude basically said she’d tell maintenance but there really wasn’t anything she could do. An hour later the office was about to close so I called again and said no one had shown up. She said that maintenance told her that they would replace my water heater the next day. I told her my water heater was fine; I had water dripping from my ceiling. She insisted it was because of the water heater and that it would be replaced the next day. I thought, “Well, fine. I’ll have a new ceiling AND a new water heater tomorrow. One less thing to worry about.”

About a half an hour later Erik the Tattooed Maintenance Man arrived to take a look at my ceiling. I’m glad we didn’t go to Sprinkles after I heard that maintenance would not be arriving that night or we would have missed him (and I would have been irate to find the We Missed You slip on my door). Erik said he’d be back the next day to cut out the drywall and that he’d leave it dry for a couple days. He came back the next morning earlier than he’d said, so I found a We Missed You slip on my door. Grrr…

I called the office and arranged for Erik to drop by again. He got there pretty quick but instead of cutting the drywall, he just cut the paint off to expose the drywall. If that was his plan he could have done that the night before. Something tells me he was told not to go to the expense. He insisted you only have to worry about mold when there is a continuous water source and that when left exposed the water would dry up through the drywall. Hmm…

Tomorrow he’s going to come back and finish up. Wish me luck.

My cell phone story was almost an X-File, but I think I cracked the case. I bought a new phone less than two weeks ago, so that I could get a particular plan that would help me not to go over my minutes now that I have more calls to make during the day, being out of work. I got a great deal because of my loyalty to my provider. I had told the rep of my need to get a phone that was compatible with the plan I needed and she did a great job helping me out. Or so I thought. I went back in today with my embarrassing story.

Right, I haven’t told you that part yet. My phone dropped itself in the toilet. Either that or my cats decided it would be fun. The mystery is that my toilet was closed. I don’t let my cats play in there so the lid is always down. I went to go do my business. Imagine my surprise when I opened the lid and my phone was bobbing up and down in the toilet. Face down. It was an actual Dead Man’s Float. It took me about 15 minutes to figure it out. My phone had been on the back of the toilet, which I assumed would be OK with the lid down. I’ve learned my lesson. I imagine that I got a call and the phone vibrated off the back of the toilet. Instead of falling on the floor, it fell on that little space between the seat and the tank. From there either it had gotten the attention of the cats who knocked the very slim phone under the seat and into the bowl or it just vibrated itself over the edge. Let this be a lesson to you. Never leave a phone that can move on its own unattended around water.

“Ok,” I thought, “I’ll go back and admit my stupid mistake and pay another $15 for a replacement.” Wrong. The twinkie at the store said it would be $145 to replace my $15 phone purchased less than two weeks ago. That was a one-time deal that they couldn’t possibly give me again. From there he was the anti-salesman. He told me there were phones that were cheaper than $145 but they wouldn’t be able to give me anything as good as before and certainly nothing with all the toys that I’d gotten. He didn’t tell me which phones those might be though. He then  told me that I could just put my SIM in my old phone if I still had it. I told him it wasn’t compatible with my new plan. He then told me that I didn’t have to have any particular kind of phone to have that plan, that all I had to do was go online and choose the plan.

I was pretty close to livid then. I told him that plan was the only reason I bought the phone and the previous rep knew that. If she could have helped me to choose that plan, she should not have sold me the phone, and I wanted a refund. He said he couldn’t refund a damaged phone. I said, “So, she should have helped me with my plan instead of selling me a phone when I was here last time, and now you won’t refund that phone and you won’t give me the same deal on a new one, so what can you do for me?” He reminded me I could put my SIM back in my old phone. He really just wasn’t interested in selling me a new phone. The store was pretty empty. Maybe he should rethink his sales strategy.

I achieved livid after he went and talked to the previous rep and came back to tell me that she had offered me insurance and I had declined. I asked him to produce the paperwork where I signed off on that because I don’t remember any such conversation. They don’t keep paperwork on this. If there was a conversation about it the consequences of declining definitely were not discussed. Had I known that I wouldn’t just pay another $15 for a replacement, I would have considered it. He also told me that I was told that I didn’t have to have that phone for the plan I wanted. Now that just isn’t true.

At this point I snatched my phone out of his hand, told him he’d just lost my business, and marched out of the store. This was a corporate location, and there seemed to be some sort of managers’ meeting going on. I was surprise that I was allowed to just walk from the back of the store all the way to the front without one of them asking if there was something they could do. Mr. George and Dragon Tattoo On His Right Forearm at the 59th Ave and Bell T-Mobile Location is luck I don’t remember his name.

A cooler head prevailed when I got to OMB’s. I called Customer Service. I explained that I had already decided to cancel my service unless they could find a way to help me with this situation. I explained the whole story to the lovely and empathetic Stephanie. She wanted to help so badly but there were certain things she could not accomplish at that level so she explained my situation to the empathetic and more powerful Josh. Josh not only got me the same phone for only the cost of taxes/S&H, a total of $5.39, but he got me a better plan that they couldn’t get me at the store to begin with. Not only that but he easily explained what George and Dragon seemed unable to at the store as far as using my old phone. So, I am getting a replacement phone for $5.39 that I was willing to pay $15 for and I can use my old phone until I get my new one in 7-10 business days. Stephanie and Josh are the heroes of my day, and they saved T-Mobile a customer.