Ok, I think my head has stopped spinning and I’ve cleaned up enough of the pea soup that to post about this choice. *deep breath* Here I go.

To be clear, we are talking about David Slade, not David Spade.

( David Slade, flipping us off Brit-style, thanks to IMDB)

 (David Spade, thanks to IMDB)

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What do we know about David Slade? Well, he directed 30 Days of Night, a vampire movie set in Alaska yet inexplicably not about the Denali coven, and Hard Candy which is said to be an outstanding film if you can get past the subject matter. I watched clips from both movies on YouTube last night when Old Man Bobby caught me up on the day’s Twi-films news. He knew I was busy with interviews and stuff. He’s good like that.

I watched some Hard Candy first. I like Ellen Page so I started there. I was impressed. I liked the wide angles, yet somewhat claustrophobic feel to the shots. It was edgy. The lighting was moody but not outrageous. The camera angles were not all skewed, and the actors moved naturally within the frames. 30 Days of Night on the otherhand made me say NO NO NO, like I was channelling Shia LaBeouf. It was cheesy. The camera bounced back and forth between actors so frequently in the clips that I saw that they didn’t really even have to be in the same room together. They might have shot separately for all I know. There was no chemistry. It was mostly close-ups, so there was not a whole lot of natural movement.

If you read anything I wrote about the Twilight movie on either of my blogs you know that I despised this about Catherine Hardwicke’s direction of Twilight. Rob and Kristen have such great chemistry. Shooting them separately in close-up really detracted from that. At one point I said about the hospital scene that for all I knew they weren’t even in the same room together. It turns out that was true. They did reshoots separately, and were indeed not in the same room together. That makes me more impressed with their acting ability, quite franky, because it was just an off-hand comment I made; I didn’t really think it was true. But, it makes me less impressed with the direction of that particular film. That was not a good choice. The chemistry between Bella and Edward should be felt at all times. It’s what draws the readers of Stephenie Meyer’s books in so obsessively. Edward and Bella are obsessed, so the reader is obsessed. It should be overpowering. You should feel the pull that they feel. People new to the saga did not understand what was happening in the film between them, really. I answered A LOT of questions on just why exactly Edward and Bella were in love, and so quickly.

Bygones. Moving on.

Something occurred to me while watching clips of 30 Days of Night. Both Chris Weitz and David Slade have directed “polar” films. The Golden Compass and 30 Days of Night were both, at least in part, filmed in what was supposed to be frozen wastes. That leads me to wonder if New Moon and Eclipse will both have the same washed out blue lighting everywhere in Forks, like Twilight did. I really disliked that. It’s Washington, not the Artic Circle. Yes, the book was called Twilight, but that is symbolism, not a comment on the lighting being dim and blue even when inside a public building you know would have harsh, white flourescent lighting. It was said when Chris Weitz was going to maintain the look of Twilight. I hope that wasn’t in regard to the lighting style.

I’ll probably have more to say on this later. Off to gaming for me!