June 2009

Dear Nathan,

It’s been a while. Rest assured. I loved every minute of Castle and might have gotten a little choked up when I heard it was renewed. Congrats on finding yet another great show. Further congratulations for making it out of first season. Finally, the witty dialogue you tend to favor, and the perfect way your deliver it, is getting a chance! May you have many happy seasons as Rick Castle.

That being said, if you get the chance to be Green Lantern, please jump on it. Go directly to the studio, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. And if you can get the fan who made this trailer to work on the film I’m sure Green Lantern fans everywhere will thank you. I, myself, have never been a Green Lantern fan…until now.


Thanks Jaronpitts!


My first real week of work draws to a close and I find myself in awe of the events unfolding. What’s this? A smile on my face when I leave work? Returning from breaks early to try to get in just one extra call? Could it be that I like my job? I’ve liked the company I work for before, but the job? Not so much. I think I might actually be happy.

Thanks to StephenieMeyer.com and Caroolee7 I have seen the New Moon trailer. Thank you, really!

A thought on my new job. I am essentially learning a new language by immersion. It’s scary. I think I’ll like it, but it’s scary. Come Friday I’ll be ready for a drink.

I keep trying to remind myself that out of all the applicants, they picked me. I passed the final with a great score. Now I just need to put it all together and find my process. This is what I do. This part is my forte. Or at least it was when I was in travel. Now I’m now so sure. Wish me luck. Heck, wish me strength, wish me fortitude, anything that will help.

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