February 2010

I took a nap today. I never do this. While I needed the sleep, the nap wasn’t intentional, so I just feel like have missing time.

E, I can’t thank you enough for babysitting me in the ER yesterday. Your friendship is truly one of my greatest treasures. Only you could keep me laughing during a 4 hour wait to pay a $100 copay and get a big ass shot.

I’ll miss you tomorrow for Make It Monday, but I understand. Vegas calls. Have fun, girl. If you go to Bite, I’ll be so jealous. Blonde D and I will be enjoying her “pretend calzones” tomorrow.

<Metal counter removed>


What’s going on with me? Busy. Busy. Busy. I am rarely home anymore, and haven’t had much time to blog. I find myself enjoying  a rare day on my couch. Enjoying everything except that the reason I’m on the couch is that I am sick. Just a little cold, but I’m taking the rest while I can.

Happy Olympics, everyone!