Hello dog lovers,

I have some good news, and some troubling news. I’ll give you the good news first. A mama pit bull and her three pups were rescued from Chicago Animal Care and Control a few nights ago. Here is where it starts to get troubling. There had been four pups but they lost one the first night, sadly.


My friends at A & S Rescue could use some help. Mama Sophie and her babies are terribly malnourished and dehydrated.


While I wrote this post, another pup was lost. Now just two remain. If at all possible, please donate what you can to A & S. They do such good work, and will be caring for this canine family for quite some time. Vet bills are piling up for these new rescues, and there are still other fosters to care for.

You can visit A & S Rescue on Facebook.

You can donate at aandsrescue.com/helping.