This post is years overdue. I started reading A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) in 2005. This should have been my first blog post. Here are my long held theories, which may end up being spoilers for you. You’ve been warned.

Very well then, here are my thoughts.

Early on in A Game of Thrones, I noticed that there was great attention paid to the looks of Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon. They were even said to look like they could be brothers. Of course, the looks of the Houses in general became important, as that was the circumstantial evidence that cost Jon Arryn his life. Baratheons are always dark of hair, therefore Cersei’s blonde children cannot be Robert’s. I do not believe that this is the only reason family resemblance is important to the story. 

Bastards are another running theme in Westeros. Ned has a bastard, Jon Snow. Robert has many bastards, all with dark hair like Robert’s. As far as we know, only one of Robert’s bastards, Gendry, has survived. It’s dangerous business being Robert’s bastard when his queen killed their only biological child together for the sin of being Robert’s. Nothing was to stand in the way of Cersei’s children, by her twin brother, Jaime, achieving their highest potential.

We know four things about Ned Stark very early in the book: he is dark haired like Robert, he loves and respects his wife deeply, his code of honor is legendary, and he has a bastard. A dark haired bastard. Wait. What? Honorable Ned cheated on the love of his life, and brought his bastard home for her to raise? And he didn’t give Jon his last name? What? 

Ned not legitimizing Jon really stuck in my craw. I mean, Ned was so honorable that it killed him. Why not legitimize Jon? The simplest answer is that Jon isn’t Ned’s bastard. He is Robert’s. The internet disagrees with me. As far as I know, I am a minority of one with this theory. People seem to think that the big reveal will be that Jon is actually Rhaegar Targaryen’s son. Rhaeger kidnapped, held captive, and raped Ned Stark’s sister (Robert Baratheon’s betrothed) Lyanna. The assumption is that Rhaegar got Lyanna pregnant, and Ned agreed to hide baby Jon, either to save him from being slaughtered for being a Targaryen, or to protect Lyanna’s honor.

I think Lyanna was already pregnant, by Robert. She would not tell Rhaegar that. He would kill her child, if not her as well. She did what she could to protect herself and her baby. When Ned killed Rhaegar, he found a dying Lyanna, having just givem birth to Jon. I believe she told him that Jon was Robert’s. They both had to know that she was dying. Cersei, with her Lannister gold, would be the natural match for Robert. She would need to provide an heir to solidify power for her family. Robert taking a child from a previous lover who’s father would always be in question would not have been tolerated.

Either as a potential Targaryen, or as Robert’s heir, Jon would be in danger. The solution was for Ned to allow rumors to spread about his new child, as he returned home. Catelyn heard the rumors. Rather than lie outright, Ned let the rumors stand. He allowed people to believe Jon was his son, his honor would not allow him to lie. He told Jon his blood runs in Jon’s veins, but he could not give Jon his name. That was because Ned is Jon’s uncle, and Jon’s true name was Baratheon. Ned may also have thought at some point Robert might need an heir.

So, now the bastards are grown, and fighting their own battles. Ned, presumably the only person who knows the truth about Jon, is dead. The Lyanna-Rhaegar camp says Jon and Daenerys will marry, and it will be accepted because Targaryens have always been incestuous. By their theory, Jon would be Daenerys’s nephew, and being doubly Targaryen somehow unites the kingdoms. I call bull. How does going back to the old Targaryen way solve anything? 

Westeros is divided. It was a civil war, Robert’s Rebellion. Throughout the books, and now the HBO series, we hear that many still call Robert the Usurper. Secret toasts are drunk in Daenerys’s honor, as they say. With some pulling for the return of a Targaryen, and some wishing the Targaryens had stayed gone, it makes more sense for her to marry someone of the Baratheon line. Gendry, you might say, but no. He is low born, despite having Robert’s blood. He was not raised in a castle. Jon was.

Jon is Baratheon by blood. He is of the North, by blood and by upbringing. In the HBO series he is now King in the North. While no longer being Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, he still commands great respect on the Wall. He has the Wildlings’ respect. And now he has a dragon’s respect (and Daenerys’s attention). Daenerys rules the rest of the world as we know it. Who still thinks two Targaryens would united the kingdoms?

But how will we ever know? Ned is gone. No one else knows the truth. Wait, I bet the Three Eyed Raven does.

Now if only I could figure out the whole sun rising in the west and setting in the east thing. I’ve almost got it. 

Oh, and there better be a kick ass song at the end of all of this.