May 2019

Something has been nagging at me since I first watched S8E5. It was still nagging at me after my re-watch. It finally came to me.

We saw Daenerys take off for the Red Keep when the bells were ringing, and that was the last we saw of her. I’m pretty sure that from that point we saw Drogon burning the city from a distance.

Bran had that vision of the shadow of a dragon flying over King’s Landing. Could he have warged into Drogon? Could Daenerys have lost control of Drogon?

I am not looking for a way for Daenerys not to be at fault, or anything. But I do have to say that nagging feeling has gone away. I am one of the few who is not outraged the Daenerys’ so called heel turn.

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. It’s horrifying, to be sure, but it makes sense for the character. She was always scary, but she had people close to her that tempered her potential for madness. Those people are now all dead.

She said she was going to break the wheel. The people are part of that wheel. They could have rebelled, but they did not. They showed their displeasure from time to time, but they were just as happy about Ned’s beheading as they were about Cersei’s walk of shame. Clearly, they were not paying attention to their government, so were part of the problem.

Back to Bran. He obviously had a vision of the fall of King’s Landing. How much did he see? He was also told that he would never walk again, but one day he would fly. Was that just flying by warging into birds, or was it warging into Drogon? I assumed it meant dragons when I first read that passage, and it hasn’t happened yet. Unless it has.

If it was Bran, did he intend to frame Daenerys for it? Did Daenerys try to stop it, or did she just go along? Hwo would she even stop it? Will this solidify her power, or get her killed? I can imagine Arya has but one name on her list now.

It has often bothered me that Daenerys just left her cities across the Narrow Sea behind. Perhaps Daenerys will be High Queen, after all is said and done. The Seven Kingdoms will once again rule themselves, but with Daenerys keeping the peace, under threat of Drogon burninating the countryside. That would be the happiest ending I could imagine at this point. Assuming that they don’t find out that Jon is actually Robert’s bastard. That would fix everything.

Okay, I think I’ll try this sleep thing again.

It may not go this way in the HBO series, but I still believe Jon Snow is Robert Baratheon’s bastard, not Rhaegar’s. It’s not because I have thought he was Robert’s from the beginning, and I hate to be wrong. It’s that I really hate that the rebellion was based on a lie. Unless there is some good writing to back that up, this amazing, creative, strong, detailed, well-written world is held together by the weakest of threads.

Bran, if you’re listening, I hope you can find the moment of Jon’s conception.

It’s possible I will just end up liking my story better. It happened with Harry Potter. It can happen again. That doesn’t mean I will hate on GoT or think it’s ruined. I love for people to tell me a good story, and this story is better than most.

First, read the article, but do come back. Sorry, no time for a fancy link or quoting of text. Maybe I’ll revise later.

I look at the last episode like I look at Empire Strikes Back. The bad “guys” (Cersei) won this round. Now, how will our heroes handle it?

I don’t think the female characters have been betrayed. The writers have proven that the ladies have not become Mary Sues (a term I despise but fits here). They are human and always have been. We don’t always like the characters in GoT. They make human mistakes, and they often pay for them.

Daenerys has always fought her crazy. She does things wrong. She learns from her mistakes (we were reminded of that this season), the history of her family, and the advice of the people she keeps close, and she grows as a ruler and a person. Don’t be mad until the show ends, and she doesn’t find her way back to Mhysa-status. I trust that if she doesn’t, there will be a good reason, and good writing to back it up.

Sansa did what she feels is best for the North, in the way Littlefinger and Cersei taught her, without regard to gender. She was Sansa being Sansa, for better or worse, making her own decision, just like she did before the Battle of the Bastards. She is playing the game. Don’t assume she intends to put Jon on the Iron Throne. She wanted to be Queen from episode one. Perhaps now she realizes she doesn’t need a King.

Ser Brienne allowed herself to feel love. For once in her life she let herself trust enough to be intimate with a man. That takes the kind of strength we know Ser Brienne to have. We all know she has loved Ser Jaime far longer than the two weeks the article describes. Their love for each other was finally consummated after years. Ser Jaime came to Winterfell for Brienne, knighted her, fought under her command, then pursued her as a woman. And then left in the harsh way that he did. She can cry in her damned night gown if she feels like it. If the situations had been reversed, Ser Jaime would be bawling in his small clothes, too.

Missandei was another in a long line of heartbreaking losses, but I don’t see the betrayal of character. She was put back in chains, after months of being treated like a second class citizen by the North. I’d say, “Dracarys,” too. Or are you actually mad that a translator couldn’t hold of the Iron Fleet by herself?

Okay, I think I got it out. I shall resume my day.