Here I will post some of my more in-depth, probably geekier, thoughts…eventually.

4 Responses to “Random Fandom”

  1. notyourcousin Says:

    Eventually. I probably shouldn’t hold my breath in anticipation, then. *chuckles*

  2. christapie Says:

    Winter is Coming. Linda said this at work the other day. It reminded me: Where the Hell is the next A Song and Ice and Fire book? The last update posted is still January 1, 2008. A Dance With Dragons is still nowhere in site. WAAAHH!

    Harry Potter is over. Twilight is over until Stephenie Meyer can see her way clear to writing Midnight Sun (Please?!?). The last (as far as I know) Eragon book just came out. Ice and Fire is the only series left to me.

  3. christapie Says:

    There’s going to be another Eragon book. The Inheritance Trilogy has been renamed The Inheritance Cycle. I wonder which will come out first: the new fourth Inheritance book, Midnight Sun, or A Dance With Dragons.

  4. Christa Says:

    Check out my friends, Sketching in Stereo. They are a great group of guys, who also happen to be talented musicians.

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