Old Man Bobby’s aunt passed away Friday after a bout with pancreatic cancer. We had been waiting for it. It was expected. It’s still always a sad thing, losing a loved one. My heart goes out to Old Man Bobby’s family. Say a prayer for them, send them love, think positive thoughts, whatever it is you do.

In the midst of all this, a dear friend of their family, Kris, is fighting her third bout with cancer, which started as breast cancer. Think lots and lots of positive thoughts for her please.


There’s a new Pink Ribbon in town. Get the t-shirt. It’s a beautiful thing.

Twilighters Version of the Pink Ribbon

Twilighters Version of the Pink Ribbon

Edit 19Oct08: My t-shirt arrived the other day. It looks good. The quality is good. It didn’t shrink much, if at all in the wash, which is important in my book.