Old Man Bobby’s aunt passed away Friday after a bout with pancreatic cancer. We had been waiting for it. It was expected. It’s still always a sad thing, losing a loved one. My heart goes out to Old Man Bobby’s family. Say a prayer for them, send them love, think positive thoughts, whatever it is you do.

In the midst of all this, a dear friend of their family, Kris, is fighting her third bout with cancer, which started as breast cancer. Think lots and lots of positive thoughts for her please.

I am thinking a lot about family today. We have had a few health problems lately. We are all praying for test results to come back with happy news, and for speedy recoveries. Today we remember my Uncle Mark, one of the best men anyone ever knew. Not that we don’t think of him everyday, he is just that sort of man, but today is the 3rd anniversary of his passing. We all miss him dearly. I miss him dearly. I would love to see the look on his face today as his daughter graduates from college, not only with honors, but with a special award for excellence given to only one female and one male senior per year. How he would have loved that achievement. I will miss seeing him in the pictures that will be posted on our family website.

My mother, whom I love dearly, had some tests run and it turns out they found some cancer in her colon. She’s already had colon cancer once, so this is a bit worrisome. The good news is that they believe they got it all, that it is non-invasive. Still, we’re accepting any and all positive thoughts and prayers. Please feel free to leave comments with your well wishes. She does read my blog from time to time.

Here is some advice from my mother herself, which I intend to follow just as soon as I get some insurance:

… having a colonoscopy routinely but you should also think about asking your physicians to add a CEA to your list of annual blood work. And please, please, please talk to your children. Anyone over 30 especially 40+ [with a family history of cancer] should have a colonoscopy routinely. If you have a history of polyps it should be every year otherwise it is believed every 3 years is acceptable.

I love you, Mom.

Sending hugs and positive thoughts,


There’s a new Pink Ribbon in town. Get the t-shirt. It’s a beautiful thing.

Twilighters Version of the Pink Ribbon

Twilighters Version of the Pink Ribbon

Edit 19Oct08: My t-shirt arrived the other day. It looks good. The quality is good. It didn’t shrink much, if at all in the wash, which is important in my book.