The more things change the more things stay the same. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs lately, as you can tell by previous posts. I went permanent at work (yea for no more probation!), but there has been some drama too. Thank goodness for my blog stats. I know that life goes on when I see people are still fascinated with Luke Grimes.

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casting call twilight mesa az – Don’t know why I find this funny, really. I just do.

who is ryan on brothes and sisters is it – Whoa! Keywords, that’s all the Google needs.

luke grimes what films has he been in? – is your friend. Don’t resist.

how many inches tall is jacob black – Oh my. Do you mean Feet? Or do you mean Long? Do you mean at the shoulders in wolf form? It’s a very different question, depending.

Someone was searching for ‘Luke Grimes photo shoot’ yesterday. Were these the pictures you were looking for? If not GoogleImages is a beautiful thing. Look what I found there.


So, it’s April. Google/Gmail is playing their annual April Fool’s joke, promising an email auto-pilot which will automatically send the perfect reply. I liked last year’s time machine un-send feature better, but auto-reply is good too.

What do you think? It’s a new month, a new season, could a new job be around the corner? I hope so. I’m running out of ideas for places to apply.

Other than the job, and of course the money, life is good though. I can’t really complain too much. I still have my friends and family, who are wonderful. Ideas for my book are coming fast and furious. I’m not doing much actual writing, but I’m working a lot of stuff out, which is very exciting to me. NaNoWriMo told me not to work on it until April anyway, so I may even be ahead of the game.

Congratulations to J & B, and Little L. I hope the bundle of joy on the way wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, because I’m very excited for you! J, you said no names from Twilight, but how about Luna Nueva for a girl? JK! Sorta.  🙂


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LOL! A search for SPY MOM found my blog? That’s more confusing than BELLA SWAN PORN.

People, Luke Grimes does not play a vampire. He plays the lovable brooding boy Ryan Lafferty on Brothers & Sisters. And you should all know by now that Robert Pattinson does play a vampire. He is not, however on Brothers & Sisters.

Now let’s talk about LUKE GRIMES LOOKS LIKE ROBERT PATTINSON and LUKE GRIMES SHOULD BE EDWARD.  Are you telling Google what to think? That’s not advisable. Google knows all. Do not presume to Tell Google.

As a former Art History student, I’m quite excited about the upcoming movie Little Ashes, starring Robert Pattinson. I’ve enjoyed Rob in Harry Potter and Twilight but was concerned about him playing such a role as Salvador Dali. Until I saw the trailer that is. There is a shot of Dali having his photo taken with, I believe, Luis Bunuel that reminded me of a photo I’d seen back when I was still in school. It made me think that maybe Rob might be good in this role. I couldn’t find the photo I was looking for but you’ll get the idea from these photos which I do not own and found on Google Images.

I’m throwing this one in for good measure. I had a poster of it in my dorm room back in the day.

 Swans Reflecting Elephants.