Halloween is a bittersweet time for me in recent years. Once the happiest of holidays for me, it’s now also a reminder of a past life, an alternate reality, a would-have-been. Maybe that’s what’s behind my recent behavior. Those of you at happy hour the past two weeks know to what I am referring. Discretion, please. If any of that ends up on YouTube, you’re in so much trouble! Oh and thank you for being there for me.

For those of you thoroughly enjoying this Halloween, be safe, be happy and may your costumes win Best/Funniest/Scariest/Most Original/Sexiest.


Old Man Bobby and I saw this poor fellow at Target. Apparently he didn’t make it to the candy aisle in time. Clean up on aisle 9!


Attention Undead Target Shoppers

Attention Undead Target Shoppers

Have a spooktacular day!