Hana has been coming up quite a bit in my Searches, so I thought maybe it was time to revisit this topic. Some time ago I posted about Hana Pestle and her Need (get it?) to find her way onto the New Moon soundtrack. She has a sort of Tori Amos/Alanis Morissette sort of sound. Her song is beautiful and fits New Moon perfectly. I still think it’s a great fit for the scene in the forest after Edward leaves, but others on Hana’s MySpace page proposed it for the “blank pages”. That’s a great idea! I could see a montage of Bella walking around like a zombie with this playing over it. It would really make the audience feel the emptiness of that period of Bella’s life.

Has anyone heard anything new about the soundtrack? I don’t see anything online, myself. Until we hear anything, there’s always SMeyer’s playlist.

I came across Hana Pestle and her song, Need, while tag surfing. She feels that her song is a great fit for the New Moon soundtrack, and I must agree. While listening I imagined it playing while Bella is lying on the ground in the forest after Edward leaves. Good luck, Hana!

Here is Hana’s Welcome message from the MySpace page (link above):

Monday, December 22, 2008 

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i am a twilight fanatic. and i’m proud of it, despite my best friend’s constant teasing that it resides in the “tween” section at barnes and noble. i gave in to the madness a few months ago and read the first three books in less than 24 hours. mix in my highly addictive personality….not good.

i was hiking when i realized that i have a song that could be perfect for new moon, the second twilight book/movie.

hence, i have an assignment/request for you!
i need lots of help getting my song “need” into the ears of the movie’s director, producers, music production manager, as well as the author stephanie meyer’s. if you are a twilight fan, listen to the song, read the lyrics, think about what happens in new moon, and just imagine the song in the movie.

it’s going to take a bit of creative networking to make this happen.

however, my manager, jordan feldstien, also manages collective soul, who’s song “tremble for my beloved” was used at a very integral part of twilight. i have jordan working on it as well, so we’re attacking from both sides. =)

if you can, PLEASE HELP OUT!

here’s what you can do as often as you like, whenever you can:

1. listen to “Need”
2. add “Need for New Moon” to your myspace and share our page WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS =)
3. click the links below to spread the word to twilight fan sites, the media, and your email lists!
4. keep me posted about any other ideas you have!


Twilight Links to Start “Need For New Moon” Threads:


Media Links to Send Requests:

People Magazine – Click “Hot Tip” Email

VARIETY Contact Page

SPIN “Letter to Editor”

Perez Hilton “Send Tips”

thanks again for any help you can give!!!


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