It’s been an interesting afternoon. I came home fully expecting a quiet afternoon trying to get some boxes unpacked. I emptied one box and two bags. I was actually hanging something on the wall when E-Fabulous arrived. We live in the same apartment complex now so we run errands together to stay motivated. Today I was accompanying her to Home Depot. While we were there I thought I’d ask how on Earth to get my crappy shower head down so that I can put up my nice new one. Bless his heart, the little old man who helped me walked us four blocks, not to hook me up with some sort of super solvent to do battle with the tape gluing the shower head to the wall, but rather to pull a shower head out of a package and demonstrate the act of unscrewing. He actually told me to remember “righty tighty lefty loosey.” No, really. He really was sweet, and his heart was in the right place, but man was it ever an I’m Just A Girl moment.

After Home Depot we went to Target to get “a vase.” This trip resulted in E-Fabulous and I attempting to hang curtains in my bedroom. On two occasions when I thought I would cry E-Fabulous said something like “Yea! She has a hole!” or, “See? Who needs a man when you have power tools!”  Thanks Fabulous!