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Between getting firing, job hunting, getting hired, training, adjusting to my new job, and the general tunnel vision I’ve had for New Moon, July somehow snuck up on me. My friend asked last week if Harry Potter comes out this week or next. I must have looked at him so strangely. I thought, “He’s crazy! It doesn’t come out until…Merlin’s Pants! It’s July 1st!” I saw the latest trailer in the theater. I still have such high hopes. It really looks like it will be spectacular.

My first real week of work draws to a close and I find myself in awe of the events unfolding. What’s this? A smile on my face when I leave work? Returning from breaks early to try to get in just one extra call? Could it be that I like my job? I’ve liked the company I work for before, but the job? Not so much. I think I might actually be happy.

It was a good day. I feel like it’s a good fit which is a relief. I’m beat though, so this might be my shortest post ever. Off to bed!

Tomorrow I go for orientation at GoDaddy. I’m nervous but optimistic. This will be the first time in 15 years that I’ll be doing something new. Sure, I’ll still be working in a call center, but doing something completely different. What if I’m not the Hermione of the class? I’m used to being the Hermione. What if I’m the Neville? Then I’ll just keep plugging along. Neville eventually kicked much ass.

And the answer was YES–I got the job! I feel it’s safe to tell you now who the company is–GoDaddy! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!

It’s been a week and there is still no word from either company that I interviewed with. I was in the first group of second interviews for Company B. I think they were scheduling interviews through yesterday. I suppose I should not worry yet. I have no idea how many other people Company A was considering, so I have no idea whether or not to worry there. Company A could not tell me exactly when they want to start, just ‘Soon.’ Company B’s training class doesn’t start until May 11, so maybe they’ll start calling people next week. I’ll try not to worry. I’m going to keep reminding myself how good those interviews felt. Please keep sending your positive thoughts my way, my friends.

Big sigh of relief that my week of interviews is over. I don’t interview well. It’s like test anxiety or something. I am a great employee though, and I fervently hope that both companies I had second interviews with this week liked me.

I feel my second interview with ‘Company B’ went well today. In a perfect world I would hear back from both companies on the same day and they would both tell me they want me. That would be a huge boost for me. Plus, it’s nice to have options. I think I know which direction I’m leaning. Think positive thoughts for me, please.

It’s been a good day. My second interview went well, I feel. And yesterday another company asked me to come in for a first interview today. That went well. I have a second interview for tomorrow. Wish me luck! Having options is good!

I got a second interview! Wish me luck!

I had an interview today, set up through my temp agency. I think it went pretty well. They had me do a lot of assessments. The agency says I should know whether or not I get a second interview within the week. Wish me luck.

I would tell you the name of the company but at this stage of the game I think that would be premature. I think I can tell you that it’s a rather large, well-known, and respected printing company which is setting up a new customer service call center. They are in need of people like me, and I hope they see I am the person for the job.

PS Don’t forget to pray for my Mom.  🙂