Nope, I didn’t finish. Nor did I quit. I ended the my first NaNoWriMo with 25,753 words, just a little over half way to the goal. I am not discouraged though. I did most of that in a few good nights, so I know what I am capable of now. Actually, it is amazing that I even signed up. It’s more amazing that not only did I start writing, but I continued throughout the month. This was a very outside-my-comfort-zone thing to do.

What I’m happiest about was everything I learned about writing, especially my method. I never really thought about having a method before, but guess what–I have one. It’s sloppy and emotional, but it’s a method, and I can work with that.

Over the years I’ve read interviews with my favorite authors in which they described their characters demanding certain things or going off on their own or getting mad and giving them the silent treatment. I thought this was quirky and fun, but I can’t say I really got it. I get it now. I found myself cringing when my main character did something that wasn’t really smart for a young, cute high school girl to do. But I’m writing it. Am I liable for child endangerment? You know what it’s like? Imagine a kid playing with GI Joes. He’s making them wrestle around. He’s saying, “Oh no! AHHHHH!” and making gun noises. What he’s not doing is making them sit quietly and enjoy life. That’s what writing is like–playing GI Joes. Ok, so sometimes it’s like playing Barbies, too. It’s about creating people you love and throwing them in harm’s way, or in drama’s way anyway.

Knowing today is my 3 year anniversary with Old Man Bobby, and I probably won’t get any writing done, I wrote last night after midnight. I have 912 words to show for my first NaNoWriMO venture. The website seems to be having some technical difficulty right now (VERY frustrating!), so I haven’t posted my word count. It’ll be fun to do that for the first time.

Happy Anniversary, Old Man!

Happy All Saints Day, to you Cathaholics out there!