I’ve been thinking about it for a long time I suppose. He knows I’ve thought about it on and off since the beginning. Lately I’ve been really unhappy in the relationship though. It’s not anything that he did or didn’t do; it had just lost something. Or maybe I’ve started needing something that our relationship just never had. I think that’s more likely, considering how we got together. Whatever it is, I’m following my gut on this. I wouldn’t have said anything for a while, wanting to be sure, but when it came up on Friday I found myself saying that I wanted to end the relationship. So Old Man Bobby and I have parted as dear friends, family even, in hopes that we can each find happiness. On to new beginnings for us both.

Things are not right. I’m in the doldrums. There is no wind in my sails. Old Man Bobby and I had been talking about moving in together. Tonight I told him I just can’t do it. Whether it’s fear of commitment, hormones, or what…I just can’t. It makes me sad. It makes me wonder.

And to top it all off the word that Rajko was certain he invented already exists. Sorry, Rajko, I was rooting for you.

Old Man Bobby’s aunt passed away Friday after a bout with pancreatic cancer. We had been waiting for it. It was expected. It’s still always a sad thing, losing a loved one. My heart goes out to Old Man Bobby’s family. Say a prayer for them, send them love, think positive thoughts, whatever it is you do.

In the midst of all this, a dear friend of their family, Kris, is fighting her third bout with cancer, which started as breast cancer. Think lots and lots of positive thoughts for her please.

I’ve been delighted the past three weeks to get to know my new teammates through happy hour. It’s too busy to really get to talk at work. I felt pretty isolated at first, until I realized that it was just that everyone is so busy. Now, thanks to happy hour, I don’t feel like the stinky kid anymore.

Tonight, as it was my supervisor’s last happy hour as our supervisor, I decided to stay longer than I have been. It’s a good thing I did. I discovered that there are a few True Blood fans on my team, and even better a Unicorn! Woohoo!

Thanks again, Old Man Bobby, for being cool with me cancelling our plans at the last minute so I could stick around for “team building”.

The other day Old Man Bobby and I were listening to some Sketching in Stereo and talking about our buddies from the band. I was shocked to find that Rob had been hit by a cab in NYC. I didn’t even know Rob was in NYC! Old Man Bobby promised Rob was OK, and went on to ask if Charlie’s troubles were over. Neither of us knew. (We’re thinking of you Chaaaarrrlieee!)

Imagine my surprise when the very next day I read on Letters to Twilight that Robert Pattinson had been hit by a NYC cab. What a coinci–! My thought process went something like this: “Son of a bitch! Old Man Bobby let me go on and on about Rockstar Rob and didn’t tell me he was talking about RPattz! How embarrassing! I’m glad it was just us in the car.”

So later I told him I had a bone to pick. The use of the word Bone always gets his attention, naturally. When he caught on to my tone he got a little nervous. I chastised him for letting me go on and on about Rockstar Rob like that. He had no idea what I was talking about. I reminded him we had been talking about Sketching in Stereo, then he told me about Rob, and then we started talking about Charlie, and I asked him what part of that conversation was supposed to clue me in that he was talking about RPattz. Warn a girl when your mental train jumps the tracks for crying out loud!

He was embarrassed enough that I didn’t even bring up the fact that he had referred to Robert Pattinson simply as Rob AND expected me to follow along. Not as Your Rob. Not as Rob Pattinson. Not as RPattz. Not even as The Forehead, as he normally does. Just Rob. Anyone know how to spot a Unicorn in camouflage?

BTW, I’m glad you’re OK Rob! Both of you!

I can’t wait til you get here so I can make fun of your decrepitude some more. The best part of today is that in your old age you forgot your cell phone. Well, that’s the best part until we watch True Blood tonight anyway. At least you aren’t as old as Vampire Bill.


Ok, I think my head has stopped spinning and I’ve cleaned up enough of the pea soup that to post about this choice. *deep breath* Here I go.

To be clear, we are talking about David Slade, not David Spade.

( David Slade, flipping us off Brit-style, thanks to IMDB)

 (David Spade, thanks to IMDB)

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Monday night I somehow ended up making dinner for Old Man Bobby and his mother Mary. Mary was trying to figure out what kind of chicken to make. I told her I had a recipe. Suddenly dinner was all me. Um, I don’t really cook. I cooked for OMB once, other than just heating stuff up, and he made a classic blunder.

Question: When someone makes you dinner do you?

a) Smile and say, “Thank you, for dinner.”

b) Shrug and say, “It’s good. Not the best, but it’s good.”

c) Pray you say a) because if you say b) you’re never going to live it down.

Anyway, <ahem> I warned OMB within an inch of his life. Mary thought it was hilarious that I was coaching him on what he could say. She thought it was even more hilarious when the first thing out of OMB’s mouth when we sat down to eat was, “I’ll avoid the onions.” That was not in the script.

Sorry, I got distracted by the bus I was throwing OMB under. The tile of this post is Chicken Paprikash and Miracles. Paprikash is obviously what I made for dinner, and it was a success (a miracle in itself). OMB even said I should make it again soon. The miracle happened when just before dinner was ready I started doing some dishes. OMB came right in and said, “Let me do that; you made dinner.” I still hear angels sing when I think about it.

Check it out! Sketching in Stereo found my humble blog! I’ll have to figure out how to sell their post on eBay some day. 🙂

I’m telling you, Old Man Bobby and I are enjoying the heck out of their CDs. Great stuff.

Old Man Bobby and I went to see Bedtime Stories tonight. Before the movie we saw the Face of Influenza PSA.

Now I don’t have anything against Kristi Yamguchi. I am a huge fan despite not watching Dancing with the Stars. I even went to the Fiesta Bowl parade years ago when she was Grand Marshall. Kristi, you’re lovely. All I’m saying is that if the American Lung Association really wants a turn out for their vaccine, they should use the real Face of Influenza.

The Face of Influenza 1918-present.

The Face of Influenza 1918-present.