My favorite game store in the whole world has been nominated for America’s Favorite Game Store at Goodman Games. Please click here and then click on the image that looks like the one below to cast your vote for Game Depot (Tempe, AZ).

Capt’n Willie was really nice to my nephew, Pirate, on his birthday. Please vote for him for Best Party Entertainer for Cleveland OH area. Here’s a note my sister got from the Capt’n himself.

Ahoy Beauties an’ Scurvy Dogs!
All hands on deck, as Capt’n Willie ‘The Great Lakes Pirate’ has been nominated in the “Best Party Entertainer” for Cleveland OH category! Please vote everyday for Capt’n Willie!!!
As a “Nickelodeon 2009 Parent’s Pick Nominee” I am asking you to help me out by spreading the word and passing this email and the link below along to ALL your contacts!!!
Best Cleveland Party Entertainer | Parents’ Picks 2009 | Parents Connect
Remember… It’s important that you and your crew vote everyday in order to help Capt’n Willie ‘The Great Lakes Pirate’ receive the “2009 Parent’s Pick!”
Thanks for your help and be sure to have a swashbucklin’ good day!
Capt’n Willie

It’s finally here! I voted before work; I love voting. Good luck with the lines, everyone. I hope you’re not letting them deter you from your civic duty. It’s important.

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