I had a great day today, thanks to you running around in my head telling me I could do anything good.

Halloween is a bittersweet time for me in recent years. Once the happiest of holidays for me, it’s now also a reminder of a past life, an alternate reality, a would-have-been. Maybe that’s what’s behind my recent behavior. Those of you at happy hour the past two weeks know to what I am referring. Discretion, please. If any of that ends up on YouTube, you’re in so much trouble! Oh and thank you for being there for me.

For those of you thoroughly enjoying this Halloween, be safe, be happy and may your costumes win Best/Funniest/Scariest/Most Original/Sexiest.


(Thanks, Hollywoodstreams, for the video.)

Between getting firing, job hunting, getting hired, training, adjusting to my new job, and the general tunnel vision I’ve had for New Moon, July somehow snuck up on me. My friend asked last week if Harry Potter comes out this week or next. I must have looked at him so strangely. I thought, “He’s crazy! It doesn’t come out until…Merlin’s Pants! It’s July 1st!” I saw the latest trailer in the theater. I still have such high hopes. It really looks like it will be spectacular.

Dear Nathan,

It’s been a while. Rest assured. I loved every minute of Castle and might have gotten a little choked up when I heard it was renewed. Congrats on finding yet another great show. Further congratulations for making it out of first season. Finally, the witty dialogue you tend to favor, and the perfect way your deliver it, is getting a chance! May you have many happy seasons as Rick Castle.

That being said, if you get the chance to be Green Lantern, please jump on it. Go directly to the studio, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. And if you can get the fan who made this trailer to work on the film I’m sure Green Lantern fans everywhere will thank you. I, myself, have never been a Green Lantern fan…until now.


Thanks Jaronpitts!

Thanks to StephenieMeyer.com and Caroolee7 I have seen the New Moon trailer. Thank you, really!

Thanks, Aunt R for sending this to me. What a great video. And thanks ggdd727 for posting it on YouTube! Don’t you just love it when you go to the train station and a music video breaks out?

I was driving home from work, listening to my Twilight soundtrack (Thanks again Old Man Bobby!) and who should drive by but ACULLEN. Yep, that was the vanity plate. So, I know that Alice wouldn’t drive a minivan, but it was a fun moment nonetheless.

In case you were wondering I was listening to Track 3, Full Moon by The Black Ghosts. Thanks to MadelineFS for posting the lyrics on YouTube!

I was tag surfing and found a behind the scenes Twilight video, thanks to The Twilight Files. There’s a lot of stuff I hadn’t seen before in it.

That would be the One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song.

Oh, and not that it’s amusing to me, because we did the math and your being 65 today means I’ll be 38 in December, but Happy Birthday, Mom!

No, my addiction is not limited to the books. I’m eagerly awaiting the movie, and have watched the trailer I don’t know how many times. Here is The Official Twilight Film on YouTube, along with Edward and Bella Kiss .